DOMESTIC LONELINESS, a  project by Alicia Framis
On January  22,  2000 the new  Annet Gelink  Gallery (formerly one of the owners of  Bloom  Gallery) will open its doors with a project by the Spanish artist Alicia Framis entitled Domestic Loneliness.
One of the aims of  Alicia Framis is to invite artists to think  about and develop work and possible alternatives concerning the phenomenon 'loneliness in the city'. For this exhibition she contacted several artists, each with a personal angle towards the subject.
In her desire to bring this work  together  Framis gives the public the possibility  to contemplate their own loneliness and to discover other kinds of loneliness. At least to give this contemporary phenomenon a physical space.


The following artists will participate in the project:
Stefan Banz (CH),  will show the video work  Door to Door. In this video Banz is alienated from his surroundings and stigmatised for being an artist.
Otto Berchem (USA) asked his mother who lives in Milford, Conneticut to make photographs of her afternoons at home. She sent her son photographs of  her favourite talkshows.
Fortuyn/O'Brien (NL) explores the relationship between culture and nature, inside and outside. For this exhibition she made the work  Worldorder, eight bronze seats some connected to and some disconnected from each other.
Safi Etiel (D), will make a 'live' remix of images and  music during the opening. The images he uses are made by men and by deconstructing these, Etiel works with the male way of looking at feminine sensuality.
Alicia Framis(SP/NL)  will for the first time show  the life of her parents in Barcelona. Emphasising the concept of  'living alone together'.
Nan Goldin (USA) chose four images, in which she evokes the existential feeling of living and losing.
Una Henry's (IR/NL)  real size figures are children on the verge of becoming a woman. They  review the first discovery of  feelings like fear, power and disconnection.