After the closure of the Annet Gelink Gallery for a two week renovation of the floor, it is happy to announce the reopening of its doors for three more weeks until the summer break (August 3-September 5). During these three weeks (July 12- August 3, 2003) the gallery will present a film-and video program with artists from the gallery. As many of the gallery's artists work with film and video, the gallery now has a beautiful collection that it would like to share.

Besides old 16 mm films by Ed van der Elsken, contemporary uses of the 16mm film can be seen, as in the works of Jenny Perlin and by Erik Wesselo. We will also be showing videos by Carlos Amorales and Alicia Framis, who are participating in this year's Venice Biennial, as well as Liza May Post, whose videos were presented in the Dutch Pavilion during the last Venice Biennial. Yael Bartana's Kings of the Hill - a video that was a favourite among the ARCO fair visitors in Madrid this year, can be seen along with

Furthermore, Marina Abramovic, David Claerbout, Elske Neus, John Pilson and Georgina Starr.

Every day one work will be continuously shown in The Bakery, the project space downstairs. On request it will be possible to see other works there in projected or beamed form. The middle space of the gallery will function as a video library; everyone can freely choose and watch the available videos of the gallery's artists on a television screen. In the backspace photographs of the participating artists will be presented.