Robby Müller - Amsterdam Photos


The Bakery
17.02 - 04.03.2023


Opening & Book Presentation
February 21, 2021
Opening: 5PM
Book launch: 5.30PM


In 1992, renowned cinematographer Robby Müller (1940 – 2018) relocated to Amsterdam, after having lived abroad for sixteen years. He would remain there until his passing in 2018, always with a camera at hand. Müller captured Amsterdam the way he perceived it – as a collection of reflections and shadows, focusing on mirror images in windows or on a hood of a car, a striking play of lines and, as a Master of Light should, the distinctive, Amsterdam light.  

For years the photos remained hidden in the archive, until his wife, photo-editor Andrea Müller-Schirmer was invited to publish a weekly column in the Dutch newspaper Het Parool. For one year, the newspaper published a photo every week - always of Amsterdam, always unmistakably Robby Müller. Amsterdams licht (Amsterdam light), the column was titled, true to Müller’s aesthetics. The photos show Müller’s view of Amsterdam, with his characteristic play of light and lines, reflections, and composition. Short texts appeared alongside the photos - Andrea’s associations, that give important insights into Robby’s way of living and working.

Now, the column’s images and texts are bundled and published as a book. Robby Müller Amsterdam Photos is designed by Linda van Deursen and features an essay by Bianca Stigter, published by Roma Publication. The festive launch takes place in the Annet Gelink Gallery on 21 Februari, 5-7pm. 

The book launch is accompanied by an exhibition of Robby Müller’s works. A selection of the photos from the book are released for the first time and on view in The Bakery, the gallery’s downstairs space. 

Furthermore, Eye Filmmuseum in Amsterdam is presenting prints of all the photographs and the texts from the series on the wall in the foyer of Cinema 1. This exhibition is open to the public from Februry 18 to March 5, 2023.