Annet Gelink Gallery is showing in the Bakery works on paper. The selection consists of drawings, watercolours and collages of Rita Ackermann, John Bock, Matt Bryans, Claudie de Cleen, Delphine Courtillot, Brian DeGraw, Mark Dion, Don Doe, Marlene Dumas, Anya Gallaccio, Daniel Guzman, Chris Johanson, Skafte Kuhn, Friedrich Kunath, Mark Leckey, Colin Lowe, Raimund von Luckwald, David Maljkovic, Dave Muller, Jenny Perlin, Jon Pylypchuk, Jan Rothuizen, David Shrigley and Glenn Sorensen. Artists Anya Gallaccio, David Maljkovic, Jenny Perlin and Glenn Sorensen have for quite some time been represented by the gallery.