Twentyfour-year old Harmony Korine broke through as the script-writer of Larry Clarke's controversial film 'Kids', directed the confusing films 'Gummo' and 'Julien Donkey-boy' and the video for the song 'Sunday' by Sonic Youth. He
made a video-installation with the titel' The secret diary of Anne Frank, part II', broke literary conventions with his book 'A crackup at the raceriots' and recorded the cd 'Ssab songs'. His photos are characterized by the same dark and bizarre imagination as his other work. Korine documents fragmented moments of life, which could have been spit out by the demented lens of the media and television. His frayed images of people on the fringe of society, of American white trash are offensive, sad, gloomy, funny, absurd, poetic and stony at the same time. In the Bakery we show the photoseries 'The Milk Chicken Review'. Starting this season the programming of the Bakery will be done by Jacquine van Elsberg (editor of Skrien, a monthly magazine on film and visual culture).