Glenn Sorensen

Annet Gelink Gallery proudly presents the first solo exhibition of Australian artist Glenn Sorensen (1968) in Holland. The oeuvre of Sorensen, who lives in Sweden nowadays, consists of watercolours and paintings. Flowers and soft colours occur in almost all of his work. 

Colour, line, composition, harmony and paint resulting in pleasing and seductive paintings is what interests Sorensen. What the painting depicts is in almost all his paintings secondary, the feeling of the painting is the main  thing. The titles of the paintings are also important, they can be seductive and suggestive and together with the choice of colour, line and composition set a mood.

Sorensen has, before he starts working on a new painting, an idea of the feeling the painting has to have. Often it takes a long time  for him to achieve this, probably because his intentions with the painting change from day to day. This way of working is helped by the scale of his paintings. A small painting can easily be changed. Though the main reason why the paintings are small is because Sorensen wants the paintings to be personal and intimate , and not physical and threatening. If there is anything physical about the paintings it is the wall space they do not occupy.