Annet Gelink Gallery is proud to present the second solo exhibition of London based photographer, Muzi Quawson (1978). Having recently showcased at Bloomberg Space in London (2008-09), this young and promising artist continues to push the envelope with her new film entitled The Old Home. Digitally projected on 16 mm footage, edited by Sander Vos and musically composed by Seymour Milton, the film valiantly explores the political and social-economical elements inherent of American society. Muzi Quawson's unique and off-kilter aesthetic sets the tone for a new generation of photographers.

Set in the rural boundaries of Glasgow, Northeastern Montana (USA), The Old Home examines what Muzi Quawson notes as the nature of existence from society's outsiders. Over the course of two years, she attempts to uncover the reality of this outlandish, boondocks location. Her primary focus is Ivar "Duke" T Pederson: a loner, an aging cowboy; one who captures the very essence of the Old American West. On several occasions Muzi Quawson stayed with Duke in his Mid-Western bungalow, exploring the American West and it's detachment from modern day civilisation. It is through this rudimentary, unconventional depiction, that Muzi Quawson lures the spectator to explore the nature of existence in this day and age.

In addition to The Old Home Annet Gelink Gallery will feature a slide projection entitled The Hissing of the Summer Lawns (2008).  The slide-show centers around a run-of-the-mill family from Georgia (American). Through this pictorial journey, Muzi Quawson documents their everyday activities; from the mother shopping at the town mall, to the father "playing mechanic" with a flat bed truck. The footage offers a rustic, candid portrayal of their humdrum existence. Similar to The Old Home, these pictures function as a subtle investigation of social identity, operating between the lines of photography and film.