Annet Gelink Gallery proudly presents the group exhibition Places To Be. New York – Shanghai – Tel Aviv – Texas – Zagreb with works of Yael Bartana,  Alicia Framis, Carla Klein, David Maljkovic and Chemi Rosado Seijo.

Places To Be refers to the importance of the artist's place of residence for the artistic process. These places were not just a source of inspiration for the works in the exhibition, but were literally the subject. Every one of the artists is studying and documenting his everyday surroundings, each reflecting in his own way. Traveling is increasingly becoming an essential element of being an artist. Present-day art climate expects a successful artist to travel all over the world for exhibitions, residencies and fairs. Origin and roots, on the other hand, or perhaps because thereof, seem to play an increasingly larger role in the process of creating. The artists tell their own story, sometimes in a direct way, sometimes only dropping a hint here and there, but always present. Through their view on New York, Shanghai, Tel Aviv, Texas and Zagreb the artists give in Places To Be a view on their background.