Annet Gelink Gallery proudly presents new work by Dutch artist Paul de Reus (1963). The extensive  body of work of De Reus consists of drawings, sculptures, photographs and installations. The central theme which connects his work is man with all its oddities and weaknesses

The title of the exhibition (translation 'going on in dirty underwear') tells us that life goes on. The beginning of the cycle of life is shown in the birth of a child or in a child that stares at us suspiciously from within the inner creases of his veiled mother. The child is obviously not ready to step into the angry world. Another child is happily playing with the beard of  its elderly babysitter. While playing it doesn't seem to notice the gloomy look on the face of the old man. Two lovers dive into the ground while tightly holding on to eachothers hand. A man seems to turn away from life and avoids his own reflection in the mirror. In the installation 'Vergeten heden', 1999 (image on the invitation) we see how a man and woman seriously try to get eachothers attention. De Reus shows man in all kinds of situations, without showing specific persons. Daily life and being human in contemporary society are his inspiration, hence the works often are very recognizable and confronting.