Wineke van Muiswinkel

Annet Gelink Gallery proudly presents the first solo exhibition of the Dutch artist Wineke van Muiswinkel (1969). For the new work 'De Brede en de Smalle Weg' she used a combination of film and video. The work originates from a religious print of the same name. A 16 mm film of a mountain-path seen through the eyes of someone walking and a video of  a highway seen from a moving car are projected crosswise. She plays with the choices an artist makes in regard to a certain attitude, a stand, a medium, a stage.

At first sight the work 'Hooggeëerd Publiek, deel 3' offers simple images of apples and pears. By comparing these portraits of fruit she conjures with the way we look at things and how we let ourselves be deceived. And she gives a commonplace object a series of new meanings. In this work Wineke van Muiswinkel refers to several themes in arthistory like the still life and the portrait.