Amsterdam Drawing 2013

NDSM-Wharf , 19 - 22 September 2013

Amsterdam Drawing 2013 follows the first and very succesful 2012 edition. In the week of the re-opening of the Stedelijk Museum, eighteen prominent Amsterdam galleries showed a wide and international selection of contemporary paintings, collages and drawings on paper. Particularly the intimate character of the fair and the beautiful presentations of the participating galleries were highly praised. Dutch major newspapers De Volkskrant and the NRC/Handelsblad gave the fair their 4 stars approval. As a result over 3.000 visitors enjoyed Amsterdam Drawing 2012. 


For Amsterdam Drawing 2013 40 galleries have been invited, amongst which several from outside of the Netherlands. Like last year the location will be the NDSM-Wharf which can easily be reached by ferry from the backside of Central Station. The fair will take place in a specially build, temporary pavilion of some 1200 square meters. The defined area of works on paper in visual arts has a dedicated group of followers around the world. To a lot of artists, paper is a favourite carrier and to a smaller group it is the only carrier. The fact that a drawing, collage, water colour or painting on paper necessarily brings the artist physically closer to the material he or she uses results in an intimate experience for the viewer. 


Amsterdam Drawing is not only intended for collectors who are interested in works on paper by young and established artists, it also wants to bring contemporary art on paper to the attention of a wider audience. Works on paper are often less expensive than sculptures, photographs or paintings on canvas, and are mostly smaller in size. As such they are accessible to art buyers who have just started out or who have small homes. 


Amsterdam Drawing is being organised by Francis Boeske and Hans Gieles of VOUS ETES ICI gallery, also located on the NDSM Wharf.