Bertien van Manen - Unseen at the gallery

Presenting a program of undiscovered photography talent and unseen works by well-known photographers, over 25 galleries from Amsterdam initiated a weekend of photography. Supported by Unseen this is a physical answer to digital fairs, all galleries can be visited on the spot throughout the city. Friday, Oct 2 - Sunday, Oct 4 Opening hours: daily 12 - 18 hrs.


Annet Gelink Gallery is pleased to present a selection of work by acclaimed photographer Bertien van Manen (1942) for this special edition of Unseen - the first presentation of Van Manen's work at the gallery.

With a career spanning over 40 years and a number of legendary photo books to her name - amongst them A hundred summers, a hundred winters - Van Manen is known for her intimate, detailed portraits of life as others live it. Recent exhibitions include a large retrospective at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, on view until September 20th, as well as exhibitions at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and Fotomuseum Winterthur, Switzerland. Her work is part of the collection of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, MoMA, New York, and Maison Européenne de la Photographie, Paris amongst others.

Van Manen started out photographing her children and family in the '70s, leading to her work as a fashion photographer. After being introduced to the work of Robert Frank and having grown bored of the fashion world, Van Manen aimed her camera at different subjects, developing a more raw, spontaneous and personal approach.

She has documented the daily life of various social groups such as nuns, female migrant workers, and mining communities in the Appalachian Mountains, as well as life in the former Soviet Union and China. Van Manen immerses herself in the places and cultures she photographs, learning the language, living with the people whose lives she documents and forming lasting relationships. To blend into the scenery, Van Manen always works with a small, simple handheld camera. The resulting images display an intimacy and directness that imbue her photographs with the unworldly otherness of lives unimagined. Van Manen's photographs display her ability to make approachable these lives with humanity, warmth and honesty.


Participating galleries: 

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AKINCI – Melanie Bonajo 

Andriesse Eyck – Charlotte Dumas 

Galerie Bart – Isabelle Wenzel 

Vriend van Bavink – Roosmarijn Pallandt, Natascha Libbert 

Bildhalle – Paul Cupido 

Bradwolff & Partners – Katrin Korfmann, Roy Villevoye 

Ellen de Bruijne – Uta Eisenreich, Klaas Kloosterboer 

Josilda da Conceicao – Jim Mooijekind, Mark van Overeem, Leendert Vooijce, Luke McCowan 

Marian Cramer — Güler Ates, Lucy Cordes Engelman, Miguel Milló, Siyue Pan 

Galerie Dudok de Groot — Daan Paans, Lex ter Braak, Ilona Plaum, Paul Bogaers 

FLATLAND— Paolo Ventura 

Galerie Fontana – Max Kraanen, Simone Hoang 

Annet Gelink Gallery — Bertien van Manen 

Gerhard Hofland — John Kayser 

Roy Kahmann – Bastiaan Woudt 

Wouter van Leeuwen — Jenia Fridlyand, Raymond Meeks, Bryan Schutmaat 

Lumen Travo — Judith Westerveld 

Ron Mandos — Erwin Olaf, Sebastiaan Bremer 

The Merchant House — Dennis Oppenheim, Mary Sue, Craigie Horsfield, Sylvie Bonnot 

Caroline O’Breen — Elsa Leydier, Tasio Bidegain 

The Ravestijn Gallery — Patrick Waterhouse 

Stigter van Doesburg — Elspeth Diederix 

tegenboschvanvreden — Paul Kooiker 

Torch Gallery — Eddie Posthuma de Boer 

Fons Welters — Jennifer Tee 

Martin van Zomeren – Sander Wassink 


September 26, 2020