Anya Gallaccio at Laing Art Gallery, UK


Laing Art Gallery, UK


The exhibition, 'The Enchanted Interior', explores the sinister implications of a popular theme in nineteenth-century painting: the depiction of the interior as a "gilded cage" in which women are pictured as ornamental objects.  Amongst Pre-Raphaelite's works, the glazed door panels of Anya Gallaccio’s 'Can Love Remember The Question And The Answer '(2003) are filled with chains of gerbera daisies doomed to decay during the exhibition.

Add in a bevy of oriental beauties in assorted seraglios and you have a whole new perspective on the indoors, all set off to atmospheric effect in the enchanted interior of the Laing’s Edwardian galleries.  


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October 12, 2019 - February 22, 2020