David Claerbout at Maison des Arts, Schaerbeek, BE


Maison des Arts, Schaerbeek


David Claerbout participates in the exhibition 'Who Are You?', which presents portraits during times, where historical works are connected to contemporary works in a delicate dialogue. Major or forgotten historical figures and contemporary artists with international fame or career in the making, appear in the exhibition and form a coherent whole, sometimes funny, sometimes upsetting, but that always challenges us. Maison des Arts is filled with a considerable number of creations: sculptures, paintings, drawings, photographs, videos and installations. The curator wants to restore the sensation of abundance which impressed her when she first discovered the collection, choosing the works as one intuitively decides to talk to one person rather than another. Qui êtes-vous? Qui es-tu?


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September 14, 2019 - December 1, 2019