Yael Bartana at Eretz Museum in Tel Aviv

Until 28.12.2019


In honor of Tel Aviv's 110th anniversary, MUSA, Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv, will show a special photography exhibition - the Tel Aviv Sea. Photographs of the city commence with Yafo and its photographers - the pilgrims, Arabs, Armenians and Jews, before Ahuzat Bayit was founded. The exhibition shows the visual and historical fluctuations as they were captured in the lenses of photographers and artists from the beginning of photography in Palestine, laying the foundations of the documentary, political and unique artistic angles of the language of photography. Iconic photos were selected for the exhibition alongside video clips, offering a variety of multi-layered aspects and cultural languages. Visitors are invited to look, listen, and speak the Tel Avivian "beach language."

The works A Declaration and Kings of the Hill by Yael Bartana are included in the exhibition On the Coast of Tel Aviv at the Eretz Museum in Tel Aviv. 

July 10, 2019