YAEL BARTANA Talk at Stedelijk Museum


In conjunction with the exhibition Freedom of Movement, the Stedelijk Museum organizes an afternoon program with lectures and panel discussions. The museum is excited to bring together a selection of the participating artists to contextualize and elaborate on different themes and subjects highlighted in the exhibition. The seminar is set to begin with an introduction by the curators of the program, followed by talks and panel discussions. Speakers include Curator of Contemporary Art, Time-based Media Karen Archey and Curatorial Assistant, Time-based Media Jeanette Bisschops, who organized the exhibition; artists Michele Rizzo, Deniz Eroglu, Falke Pisano, Joy Mariama Smith, Polina Medvedeva, Isabelle Andriessen, Kate Cooper, JODI, Remco Torenbosch, Verena Blok, Rory Pilgrim, Jort van der Laan, Yael Bartana and Juan Arturo García.


Sunday 3 March,
3 pm until 5.30 pm


March 3, 2019 ,