Francis Uprichard

The curios items Francis Upritchard (1976) has lined up in The Bakery seem like souvenirs from some adventurous journey: totems, trophies, curios objects. There is the mummified head of a monkey with an enormous grey beard. There are "grave goods" like the pot with classicistic ornaments, which received a lid with a small sculpture of a head. It now greets us as an urn. Dead things come to life in form of a hockey stick grinning at us with its white teeth. It is a mesmerizing Wunderkammer the artist has created in The Bakery. The sculptures of Francis Upritchard have a power over us, which is beyond our control. They amuse us and fill us with uneasiness hard to get hold of.
Francis Upritchard (1976) was born and raised in New Zealand where she studied at the Canterbury University of Fine Arts. Since 1999 she lives and works in London. Recent and upcoming solo exhibitions include Camden Art Centre London, Artspace Auckland and Andrea Rosen Gallery New York.