15 October – 24 December 2021


In The Bakery, Annet Gelink is pleased to present Fluid Facades, the first solo show by Eva Crebolder at the gallery.

In her perpetual experimentation with scale, volume, ceramic and form, Eva Crebolder searches for softness in spatial forms, an interspace where lightness and solidity meet. Mundane objects – a comb, bricks, pots, stacks of sugary almond nougat purchased in the local Moroccan grocery store – form the departure point of her fluid facades. Seemingly fixed yet malleable assemblages, these everyday objects are presented on a different scale in novel forms and constellations.


In Fluid Facades, a selection of porcelain ware exists monumentally in the space, entering into dialog with its surroundings. Square pots in the confined space of the metal cabinet come together to form a cityscape. Here, the viewer is gradually invited to shift between various scales, both real and imagined: patterns of streets and roundabouts, the outline of the city towers against a distant sky, line of leafless trees against a barren landscape. The delectable almond nougat bricks invite us to sink our teeth into them.


The modular pieces can be identified by their signature minimalist glazes and seductively tactile surfaces. Gentle geometry and smooth curves are softly repeated ensuring interaction between people and the environment. By stacking, layering, framing, and grouping them in different ways, patterns slowly emerge in rhythmic interplays of line, plane, and form.


Eva Crebolder’s artistic vernacular is understated, abstract and subtle. Her work recalls the beauty of small gestures and everyday things in a quiet and intimate way. Each individual crafted object forms part of a heterogeneous and congruent ensemble.



Eva Crebolder (1968, Gouda, NL), studied at the Rietveld Academy Amsterdam, as well as New York School of Visual Arts and at Hunter College in New York. She did a residency at European Ceramic Work Centre last year and works on a regular basis in Jingdezhen, China. She has realised numerous art works as tiles, objects and other means, such as ceramic bricks for a public government building in Cuijk.