In the Bakery, Annet Gelink Gallery proudly presents its first show by Jacqueline Bebb (Chester, 1977): "She showed a bit of Skirt, but settled for a Kit-Kat".


At Annet Gelink Gallery, Bebb shows three works, each representing specific moments in time. The works are semi-autobiographical and intentionally awkward - to quote the artist. They consider both fondness and regret and come from an ongoing body of work, which explores the theme of dissonance.


In both "Almost, Sweet Talk, Caffeine (My Dissonance)" and "Skulk", Bebb reflects on her childhood and considers her occasional less-than-perfect behaviour in retrospect. In "How Much I Fancied Her 1995 - 2001", the artist looks back at a quarrel she had with her best mate, simply referred to as BM. The argument concerned the level of affection one of them thought the other had towards a girl. At the time, a pie chart was drawn to illustrate the argument, but a few years later the friends didn't remember the specifics of the argument, only their shared endeavour. The wooden pie charts are made after the original drawing. Each segment of the pie represents a year between 1995-2001, with the varying angles denoting the level of affection between one of the friends and the girl. One pie chart has been gifted to pubs in Chester, which the artist and BM used to frequent together. A second pie chart is exhibited as a sculpture in the current exhibition and the third is gifted to BM as a testimony of their friendship. It was given with the dedication: "BM, I did wrong you once and I am sorry."


Bebb participated in the groupshow Chester at CO2 in Rome (2012) and she had a solo show called Carrying Off in Aldeburgh (2013).