Annet Gelink Gallery proudly presents its fifth solo exhibition by Glenn Sorensen.

Glenn Sorensen's latest paintings are exhibited under the title of The Valley Floor. One could regard his paintings as studies of objects and people who seem to be frozen in time. In every painting the subject is painted in clear light colours against a dark backdrop as if the paintings are negatives that must yet be developed. The figures or objects are very carefully, almost in a meditative way entrusted to the two-dimensional plane. Form and colour are used to approach the subject each time from another perspective. Glenn Sorensen's work harbours an intense spirit of anticipation and isolation.

In his paintings Glenn Sorensen embraces everyday things of life - he paints what surrounds him at home: his family and his plants, and sometimes a self-portrait. As snapshots from his life he paints a detail of a plant or a picked flower, two children seem to run into the picture. In this way the artist offers an intimate look on his life. He studies the beauty of everyday life. And yet he offers only a glimpse of reality. The atmosphere of the paintings resembles mostly a dream from which it is difficult to wake up.

The small size of the paintings and the big void of the white walls on which they are hanging makes the works into a kind of window that offer a view on the artist's world. The paintings excel in their form and composition but radiate most of all a mysterious melancholy that continues to fascinate.