Muzi Quawson (1978, London, UK) is a British photographer whose characteristic cinematic style reflects her love for American (sub-) culture. While photographing real people and events Quawson is not interested in photography as a means of documenting social or political realities as such. Rather her images are manifestations of an American myth as transmitted by movies, music and literature since the 1970s. Her photographs are bathed in the light and atmosphere that suggest they are stills from a motion film, a short moment from a longer narration. Working over longer periods of time Quawson follows individuals and groups. In 'Pull Back the Shades' she portrays Amanda Jo Williams, a befriended young woman and mother of twins who lives in Woodstock, US. In 'Old Home' she documents the life of aging cowboy Ivar 'Duke' T Pederson. 'Summer Here Kids' follows run-away kids travelling across the states in Geyhound buses.

Muzi Quawson studied at Royal College of Art, London, KIAD, Kent and the Rijksakademie, Amsterdam. Her work has been featured at IDFA, Amsterdam (2013), Edinburgh International Film Festival, Edinburgh (2013), the  Bloomberg Space, London (2009), Royal College of Art, London (2007), Tate Triennial, London (2006), the GANA Art Centre, Seoul (2006) and Bloomberg New Contemporaries, Manchester (2005).

In 2013 Quawson received The Award for Creative Innovation in a Short Film, Short Film Jury at Edinburgh International Film Festival.