Yael Bartana

And Europe will be Stunned: The Polish Trilogy
Yael Bartana, 2012
Hardcover Book, 160 pages
Publisher: Artangel
ISBN: 978-1-902201-26-9
Dimensions: 24,6 x 30,6 cm

Edited by Eleanor Nairne and James Lingwood. Designed by James Langdon. Translation by Arielle Yedgar, Ewa Kanigowska-Gedroyc and Warren Niesluchowski. Texts by Jacqueline Rose, Joanna Mytkowska, Boris Groys.

The publication combines the three films of Bartana's Polish Trilogy, Mary Koszmary (Nightmare, 2007), Mur i wieŇľa (Wall and Tower, 2009) and Zamach (Assassination, 2011). It is illustrated with more than 100 stills and four accompanying articles.

This work revolve around the activities of the Jewish Renaissance Movement in Poland (JRMiP), a political group that calls for the return of 3,300,000 Jews to the land of their forefathers. The films traverse a landscape scarred by the histories of competing nationalisms and militarisms, overflowing with the narratives of the Israeli settlement movement, Zionist dreams, anti-Semitism, the Holocaust and the Palestinian right of return. Apart from realizing the film trilogy, a new political movement has been established by the artist.

Hardcover Book
Yael Bartana: And Europe will be Stunned: The Polish Trilogy
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