Roberto Coda Zabetta (1975, Biella, Italia) has studied from assistant Aldo Mondino' studio to 1995-2005. Since 2014, Coda Zabetta has been working with pure abstraction, inspired by the importance of materials. The move from figurative to abstract is not necessarily an irreversible choice, but it allows the painter to take a step back and observe from a distance. Instead of concentrating on subjects, the artist focuses on pigments, colours and substances. Experimenting with textures, the artist not only uses traditional materials, but also different natural elements such as sand, organic materials, oyster shell dust, tar and chemical materials.


He was selected for several awards and won the Città dell'Arte-Pistoletto Foundation, Dena Foundation, American Academy in Rome and The David Roberts Foundation. His work has been shown at international galleries and museums such as the Museo Maxxi, Rome (2018), Triennale di Milano (2018) Annet Gelink Gallery (2017), Museo di Villa Croce, Genova (2016), Fondazione Mudima, Milan (2015), Palazzo Barbarigo Minotto, Venice (2015), MAC Museum of Contemporary Art, Rio de Janeiro (2012) and Indonesian National Gallery, Jakarta (2009) and The Shit Museum in Piacenza (2015) and Palazzo Reale in Milan (2010).